Pre-Departure Antigen Supervised

Pre-Departure Antigen Supervised

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Easy to use supervised self-test to take before you travel

The Pre-Departure Antigen Supervised test is quick and simple and accepted by a growing number of destination governments. This test is suitable to travel to the US.

A Fit to Fly certificate will be available in as little as 2 hours, providing it’s submitted between 8am-8pm (UK time).

Please ensure you order at least 7 days before you need to take your test to ensure we can deliver the test to your address in time. Collinson have test centres across the UK should you need your test sooner than this.

Book a video appointment for a time when you would like to take your supervised antigen test. We’ll send you a test kit home to pack in your suitcase and then we'll have a video call with you to help you take your test.

Once you receive a negative result, a Fit to Fly certificate will be administered.

Please view our FAQ's below for information on how far in advance you should order your test kit, in relation to your departure date.

  • 1 x Antigen Test
  • No stress trying to find a testing centre in the country you are travelling to
  • A quick, pre booked video call in the 3 days before you are due to return to the UK
  • Result in 30-60 minutes
  • Fit to Fly certificate included
  • Please allow a minimum 7 days before travelling / departing for your parcel to arrive

Please note, this is not the Day 2 Antigen test you must take upon arrival in the UK. You can purchase a Day 2 Antigen test here.